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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Stab at Quilt Making

There’s still not much knitting going on here. Knitting needles have lain dormant for stretches of time, picked up only when doing something else hasn't been possible. Feeling in the mood for something different, some sewing has been going on. Here’s the top of a soon-to-be-quilted baby blanket.
It’s the Charm Squares Baby Quilt, from Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson! It was a good excuse to get acquainted with the machine my aunt gave me last year. There were some problems in sewing this quilt top with the machine, but diagnosing and resolving those problems was interesting.

The first sewing experience was so entertaining, a second quilt was started. It's Metropolis, once again by Elizabeth Hartman from her book Modern Patchwork. This project has been a great learning experience. Enough care was not taken while in the shop selecting fabric - the whole shopping expedition was an emotional one. Next time, colouring a sketch before heading out the door might be a good idea. While the fabric selections are not bad, there are two fabrics it would be nice to have the opportunity to change. Never mind. It was fun, and I love it. A lot was also learned about sewing things together, and cutting them up.
Metropolis also has a nice looking backside.
Two Babette Scrapette scarves have been made since Babette was finished, and a third is underway. One was a Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf, and the other is a continuous garter loop. Hopefully it will be two pullovers and a cardigan up next. I might just be ready for that.

Koigu scraps in assorted colours
The bottom model is Koigu Linen Stitch scarf.
3.5 mm needles


  1. Gale- You've been busy. Quilting is a great (if expensive) hobby. Are you going to quilt by machine or hand?

  2. Nice quilts! I just made a baby quilt with my god daughter that was really simple. Her first effort ever, my first in a zillion years. She will tie rather than quilt. Oh, if we only had time for all this, eh?