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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Perianth (Finale)

Just about all that can be said about the Perianth blanket has been said. It was very slow to come together, but oh so worth it. 4 skeins of yarn were invested in the project, taking about 5 weeks of dedicated knitting time. Deciding on a border was a trial, and in the end a garter stitch border won out. It’s really a shame that the photographs don’t capture the true nature of this green and yellow combo, because it is fabulous. Almost everyone ooohs and aaahhs over it, and makes a compliment on the richness of the colours. The overall effect is like a blossoming field of grass on a summer day, as clouds roll by overhead. Sorry for your luck with these poor photos, and my bad skills.
The border was constructed one side at a time on straight needles. Next time, the needle size will get dropped by 2 sizes, since it is a little loose despite reducing the stitch count. Once all 4 sides were knitted, an i-cord cast off was worked in the background colour. Ribbon was hand-sewn along the steeks for further stabilisation.

Lessons learned: 1) Steam is a magical thing. Blocking evened out the surface of the knitting a lot. Not wanting to wash and block the blanket again, yet refresh the look after futzing with the ribbon trim, a liberal application of steam was applied. Oh. My. What a difference. The stitches relaxed into place and the surface is smooth, smooth, smooth. 2) For me, fair-isle knitting takes at least 4 times as long as working with a single strand of yarn.

Things to like: It was a nice change of pace to use fair-isle techniques and the whole exercise was enjoyable. Many thanks to Pinneguri (her inspiration blanket on Ravelry) for re-factoring the existing mitten design into a blanket. Taking a break towards the end to work on Maplewing was great and revitalised the finishing effort. Since the border was worked in pieces, it was worked on straight needles (my favourite).

Not so much: That’s a lot of knitting on circular needles, and the border is a bit too loosely knitted.
Perianth Blanket by Barbara Gregory (and Pinneguri)
1.5 skeins Verdant Gryphon Eidos in Enlil
2.5 skeins Verdant Gryphon Eidos in Blinding Polyphemus
3 mm straights (border, couldn’t find the right sized needles).
2.5 mm circs

Thanks again to my friend Jan, who made the card.

I had a few days off last week, and was fortunate enough to spend a day with my aunts. As usual, it was a laugh a minute, and Maplewing was handed over to my Aunt Marion. She has decided to give the shawl to her granddaughter as she dresses for her wedding. Very sweet. To add some more sugar to that pretty moment, my Aunt Carolyn made a gorgeous silk lingerie bag in which to store the shawl. It is so, so lovely. See…
And lucky me, there are 2 more of these beauties. There’s a bag for the next young lady to be married (May, 2014), and a spare.
In other news, Malpeque progresses. The back should be finished soon.


  1. Great job on your blanket! It turned out beautifully.

  2. The blanket is so lovely. I wish there were a closeup. Do we get to see an action shot with the recipient?