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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Malpeque Continues

Since finishing Malpeque’s back, enthusiasm for the project has picked up. Drawing up the shaping chart for the fronts really helped in setting up the smart counters in knitCompanion. That app is brilliant, and basically allowed for knitting the right front practically on auto-pilot. Having confidence in executing the shaping on the correct row was great, and surely saved me from loads of misplaced increases/decreases.

I did manage to misread the pattern and the border of the right front is not knitted as written. Discovering the error only after finishing the piece was disappointing, but the overall design is not really affected. The front has a 2x2 rib instead of 1x1. Oh well. Not quite as elegant looking as the 1x1 rib, but it looks fine. The left front patterning has been started and should make good progress over the 4 day weekend.

Since this cardi doesn’t have a closure, I purchased the pin shown below for it.
Photo used with permission of PloverDesigns. Hopefully my mother-in-law will like it.

If you're having a long weekend, may it be fun!


  1. Gale- Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.

  2. Happy Easter - I LOVE that closure. Off to investigate.

  3. Hey Gale,

    Hope you've been good. Love the new blog. How did you do it?