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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Revisiting Maplewing has been more pleasant than anticipated. It progresses well, and is a good project to work on while the Perianth blanket is on a short hiatus. It should be possible to finish knitting Maplewing by the end of the week, especially since about 60 (ever diminishing) rows remain and some trim. Not much at all. Here it is at the beginning of chart C.
Sewing the steek for the Perianth border went well. My Aunt Carolyn really did a great job for me, and it was fun to get together for a crafty and chatty evening. Those steek stitches won’t be going anywhere.
Lorraine made a comment about the garter stitch border, which was taken to heart. I hadn’t really thought the whole mitred border thing through. Not really wanting to knit 700+ stitches and the required increases for about 40 rounds, the plan was changed. Again. The border is being knitted a side at a time. That Lorraine? Well, she’s brilliant, and I am thankful for the nudge.

I had enough yarn to make 2 of the 4 garter sides. Another skein of yellow will be here soon, so the project is taking a break for a bit. There are some issues that need to be addressed in finishing. The pickup along the steek looks messy. That may resolve during blocking, but it looks like applied i-cord, or something like that, will be necessary to cover it up. Either that or some ribbon, but that will require chasing down a sewing machine and a different sewer. Suggestions anyone?
The garter borders along the steek were worked before cutting, and it looks like that was a good decision. There was a lot of strain along the stitch pickup line while the knitting was in progress. The first 4 rows on each side of the steek were a bit tough to work, but that’s just because they were so close to the sewn stitches of the steek, and the body of the blanket. It will be fun to finish this project up, and the break from it has been nice.


  1. A fun crafting evening of togetherness, sounds great. I wish I saw more of my nieces and nephews, who live far from me. I bet blocking will solve your problem, but if not, what about a crocheted chain stitch (or hand sewn) alongside the line. I will send you directions if you need, no crochet skills required. It how I did the orange line on the men's sweater, fourth photo along the top Is a close up

  2. Maplewing! Nice to see it in play.

    Ah, I'd've suggested what Mary Lou did if she hadn't thought of it first! Well, if I'd thought of it at all.