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Monday, February 11, 2013

Maplewing the Second

Revisiting Maplewing in a different colour was great, and it’s good to be contributing a minor detail to someone’s wedding. Friday’s snow day allowed for the knitting to be finished earlier than anticipated. It was a huge bonus staying at home that day, despite all of the shoveling out that was required.

The yarn used for Maplewing had initially been placed in reserve for something for me, but an unexpected problem with the original yarn made it necessary to pluck it out of stash. It must have been fate because it looks like the yarn was destined to become Maplewing.

Things to like: This felt like it sped off of the needles, but that’s in direct comparison to the Perianth blanket. The pacing of the design changes in Maplewing is good, seeming to arrive at just the right moment. While the bottom up construction can be a bit of a challenge to get going, the diminishing rows at the top of the shawl are satisfying to work as the shawl gradually come off of the needles.

Not so much: This does not belong to me. Wah. 

Maplewing by Anne Hanson in the smaller size
Wool Candy Souflee, 70%baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere in Fresh Herbs, now discontinued.
3.75 mm needles

In other news, Perianth is off of the needles, awaiting some finishing details and blocking. I'm feeling a bit smug right now. 


  1. Gale- You are certainly deserving of some smugness right about now.

    The snow was crazy, wasn't it?

  2. We missed the crazy snow, no snow days here. That shawl is lovely. I get so frustrated with the slow going and not being able to see where I'm going with bottom up construction. I must give it another try one of these days.