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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Done being Stranded

Saturday evening saw the finish of the centre of the Perianth blanket. It’s great to finally be at the steeking stage. More yarn was ordered for the purpose of augmenting the blanket with another colour, but none of the new skeins really looked all that great with the existing knitting. Given that, time constraints, and an unwillingness to buy more yarn that may or may not be suitable, a garter stitch border will frame the piece. It has the added benefit of reducing the time required to knit the border and another skein of yellow awaits in the Anti-Six-Containment-Mechanism (A6CM). Thank you to Lorraine for helping me with some basic design questions with the mitres for the corners. Tomorrow evening my aunts are going to help me prep the steek. They have fantastic sewing skills, and I am going to use them.
 Last Sunday was a totally knit-free day. Those don’t happen very often, but there was a big, internal debate about how to proceed with the Maplewing wedding shawl. There are some dyeing flaws in the yarn that was chosen for the project - spots about 1.5-2.5 cm (~.6 – 1”) long where dye did not touch the yarn at all. In most instances, this would have been OK, and the shawl would have been dumped in a dye bath after knitting. Having no reliable dyeing skills, a predictable colour result could not be guaranteed. There were two places in the skein where this happened (looks like skein tie-off points to me), and cutting the offending bits out would have meant dumping almost 30% of the yarn. Not enough would be left to make the shawl. The yarn can be used elsewhere, just not for a wedding shawl for my aunt to give to her grand-daughter.
 A replacement skein of yarn has been ordered, and will likely arrive in the next week or so. While waiting for it to come, a skein of yarn I’d been hoarding for myself has been pressed into service instead, and has to be fate. This green is more complex than skein originally chosen for the project, and just happens to be the right shade of green. It is a delectable blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere. The result so far is really beautiful, even in this very early, non-blocked state. While the wedding is just under 3 months away, finishing the shawl in plenty of time beforehand is a high priority. Having a spare skein of yarn on hand if I muck it up is also a priority.


  1. All is very green up your way! Garter/miter sounds like the way to go. It is -12f here right now, so I'm hunkering down with some wooly work myself. Something big that will cover my lap I hope.

  2. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the final results!

  3. Gale- I will tell you one thing- that garter stitch in the round takes a lot longer than you think it will, but it's worth it.

    I hope to finish my project in this lifetime.