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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Copy Cat

The intentions of the anti-Six containment mechanism (stash box for WIPs) have been broken by adding a baby blanket and a wedding shawl to the pile. Both projects (the baby and the marriage of course) are full of promise and have delightfully provided excuses to stray from the plan.

One of my co-workers is having her first child in early April. She and her husband had been trying for many years to conceive, so the pregnancy is an unexpected joy and something really special was in order. A Ravelry friend had knitted a pair of Perianth mittens last fall, inspiring their inclusion in the queue. Browsing through the Perianth gallery on Ravelry, the charm of Pinneguri’s blanket for her granddaughter was overwhelming. Now you can just call me copy-cat. The pattern was purchased and Twist Collective graciously sent the chart for the blanket.

Despite wanting to actually start the blanket on New Year’s day, it was started last weekend and 55 rows of the main pattern have been knitted so far. The pattern repeats are 54 stitches wide which is too much for my tiny brain to memorise for each row, but that’s OK. At the moment, the entertainment factor is high, and developing the blossoms is amusing.

There isn’t the greatest of contrast between the two yarns at all times. The green of the background fades into the yellow of the flowers in places, but I like the effect. The yellow border may be replaced later – the tension between that section and the main blanket is not the same and can easily be seen. Since knitting it, other ideas for the border have been percolating. This isn't a very good picture of the colour (things are a bit more golden), but here it is anyway.
As for the shawl, my Aunt Marion’s granddaughter is getting married in late April. Maplewing was chosen for this particular young woman and it’s off to a slow start. That enormous cast on has me at it a bit at a time. Like 50 – 100 stitches per session. About 80% of the cast on has been completed. It looks like I’ll be making a shawl for each of the remaining single granddaughters as they get married. Not a bad gig at all.


  1. Gale- You are so giving and generous. As per usual, I am vowing to knit only stash yarn and fibers, so we'll see how that goes.

    I DO have a baby to knit for, so that will make a change.

  2. You have been a busy knitter! I hope your holidays were healthy and happy. A wonderful New Year to you!

  3. Oh my goodness, such lucky people. Happy New Year!