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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Epic Edge Failure

Falling hard for the Color Affection (Ravelry) shawl was easy. Striking graphic design, garter stitch and a chance to play with colour? What wasn’t to love. After deciding to pursue it, a fair amount of time was spent searching for yarn and debating colour selections. When the knitting of the Triangular Summer Shawl (Ravelry) was finished, all previous plans were forgotten and this project started. After spending much of Sunday with it, it was frogged. Why? Well, the edge was just too tight. I expect it was the increase method recommended by the pattern (pick up a loop from the row below, ktbl).
While the increase method produced a lovely little edge, my version was far too tight to be blocked out. There was also a lot of tension along the edge even before having a bit of a block. Using a different increase method would most likely do the trick, but starting wasn’t the thing to do. It was a dead boring knit despite the gorgeous yarn, and the endless rows of garter stitch have lost their appeal. Perhaps it will be just the right knit sometime in the future. I am a bit disappointed, but that’s not a bad thing. Those colours were going to look awful on me anyway. The yarn is on the way to becoming Calliope’s Odyssey (Ravelry) and another small scarf thingy.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes those endless rows of garter are just the ticket, but when they are not, you die of boredom. Backward loop increase?