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Monday, February 06, 2012

Things for Small People

A fishing expedition into the darkest recesses of the paper pattern collection was conducted for the long-forgotten Curlique Coverlet (Raverly) a couple of weeks ago. A bit of experimentation determined the plan in mind was not going to work, and supplementing with 1 or 2 more colours was necessary. The first of the 15 units was knitted and weighed to gauge yarn consumption – 36 grams of yarn required. With the new colours now in hand, working on it with intent is the plan. It’s amazing how the addition of the new rows turns the first section from being mostly a triangle into a swirly something.
 I expect that's to do with the tension difference between rows and stitches. Love it.
Since about 3 balls from the original purchase of yarn for Curlique will be left over, an Anemone hat was made. I chose to make the baby size, and at the moment, the hat is quite large. Hopefully the recommended trip through the laundry will take care of that. This hat consumed what was left of the first skein of ruby red used for the first section of Curlique, and a bit more. If yarn had not been thrown out with the Curve of Pursuit experiment, it would have been enough to finish. This is perhaps one of the ugliest things ever knitted, but it is wildly charming.

Things to like: The amusement factor in the knitting and eventual wearing of the hat. The texture of the little beast is like one of those toys you get at a convention as a stress reliever – I have no idea what they are called.

Not so much: Not a thing. Hopefully the poor child wearing this hat will not be overly  embarrassed.
Anemone Hat (Ravelry) by Cat Bordhi, Baby sized.
1 skein Cascade 220 Superwash in #893, Ruby
5 mm DPN’s

A pair of socks for co-worker’s 8 year old nephew were made over the weekend. The young man’s feet get cold when he’s playing outside, and his mother has to rub them between her hands to warm them up. He’s unable to walk, so it’s no wonder his feet freeze when out having some winter fun. Hopefully these will help keep his feet warm.
Ribbed Socks for Kids Susan B. Anderson from the Spud & Chloe blog
56 grams Socks That Rock Lightweight in Lover’s Leap
2.25 mm needles


  1. Somebody was a busy knitter this weekend! That hat is great:-)

  2. Dang girl, you have been busy. I will try that curlicue, I think. Maybe a good class project for short rows? BTW, I put the headband up on Ravelry. It's been so mild here I hardly wear any headgear. Freaky winter.

  3. Gale- Love the coverlet. You are such an adventurous knitter, and I like that.