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Friday, December 09, 2011

Another Wisteria

Oh what can be said about Wisteria? This is the second time around for this gorgeous pattern, and once again it’s for 3M – the Marvelous Miss Marci! She loved her old one to bits, and it’s looking somewhat forlorn. It looked so good on her, and she loved it so much it must be replaced with another. This time it’s in a smoky blue to match her eyes. It’s Delft in Quince & Co.’s Lark. It is becoming a fantastically cuddly pully.

There wasn’t a suitable quantity of yarn in stash to make Wisteria for Marci, so another illegal yarn purchase was made. That’s 3 significant yarn additions to stash in a row (Marci’s sweater, Peter’s next sweater and a baby blanket for Natalie), and that also renders a failing grade for the don’t-buy-new-yarn pledge. Oh well. I am still pleased with the overall effort and will carry on with knitting from stash supplemented by the occasional purchase for a special item.
Wisteria’s yoke is complete, and the seemingly endless rounds of the body have been started. It’s knitting up quickly and the weekend should see the beginning of the cabling at the bottom. The intention is to finish in the next two weeks, in time for MMM’s birthday. A post on Cardiff and 2 FO's next week.

Happy days, Gale


  1. Cute! And because of the illegal yarn purchase, somewhat insidiously dangerous. It's always nice to have the first one loved to bits.

  2. Gale- I don't think you've failed at all.

    I am going to try my best to NOT BUY anything new in 2012. Let's see how full of crap I really am.

  3. Not an illegal purchase, I think there is some sort of waiver involved for gift knitting.